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Frequently asked questions


Why has this been created?

The purpose of this 52 weeks program is to share with you the same business and success strategies, which have allowed many of my clients to observe growth and results in their business.


Is this for me?

This 52 weeks program is designed for those who want to start or grow their business:

  • Whether you already have an established business, feel stuck, and would like to get proven strategies to get out of your bottleneck
  • Whether you who would like to create a new business, are in transition phase, but don’t know where to start
  • Whether you have just launched your business and are looking to make it more profitable

The strategies shared are applicable to any type of business.


Which results can I expect?

When applied with consistency, the strategies shared have given the most amazing results with the people I have worked with. The common results for each of them has been an increase of profitability.


When can I have access to the strategies?

You get access as a member as soon as you sign up.

You will then be able to log in using your credentials: Email + Password


What will I get access to?

In the section « What will I get access to”, you have the details of all the elements your membership gives you access to, according to your purchase.


Which type of topics will be covered?

The business & success strategies shared will cover different building blocks of business. The purpose is to give you, with a step by step approach, the strategies to answer to common questions business owners have, such as:

  • How to attract more customers?
  • How can I sell more?
  • How do I present my products and services?
  • How can I sell without being frustrated?
  • How to earn more?
  • How can I increase the productivity of my teams?
  • Why am I the best at what I do, but I don’t get any customers to buy?
  • How to increase the price of my product and services?
  • Etc.

Be part of the +7,000 entrepreneurs, CEO and Executives

Who have listened to Stella’s Success and Business Strategies, all across Europe, Africa and the US

Stella Bida is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur, International Business Consultant & Strategist, Success Strategist, Best Selling Author and International Speaker. With 10+ years of business experience, Stella has worked with all types of companies including Fortune 500 companies - From small and medium size companies Business Owners to Executives of renowned international corporations in Finance, Technology, Banking, Legal, Transportation, Hair & Beauty, Public Administrations, etc.

Stella considers herself as a game changer, a disruptor of the norm and the typical. This is why her clients work with her, as she steps into confusing, problematic and sometimes chaotic situations, designing solutions that lead to success, results and profits. It’s this confident, yet purposeful approach that has led to the success of her clients.

Stella is driven by her fundamental motto: “When it comes to success, everybody deserves it!”. She is there to hold your hand and guide you step by step to your desired destination.

Stella Bida - Stage Money Wealth Business Conference - South Africa
Partnered with

Stella's strategies in international media

Stella Bida - Cover Global Woman Magazine
Cover of the international magazine "Global Woman Magazine"
Stella Bida - SABC News-min
Interviewed on SABC News in Johannesburg, South Africa
Featured in the New-York Elite Magazine
Stella Bida - Cover of Star People magazine
Cover of Albanian magazine "Star People"
Stella Bida - Kaya FM Johannesburg-min
Interviewed on Kaya FM radio in Johannesburg, South Africa

Stella is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur

The world recognizes Stella's exemplary work and success and the success she creates in others.

Awarded by
Member of Parliament UK & Global Woman Founder
The Houses of Parliament London
Stella Bida receiving an award by the Crans Montana Forum
Awarded by
The Former President of Mali & The Minister of State in Belgium
At the Crans Montana Forum
Afropreneur of the Year
Awarded by the
Nigeria Innovation Summit

Stella has met Inspiring Leaders & Celebrities

Michael-Douglas-Stella-Bida-JT Foxx-min
JT Foxx, Serial Entrepreneur
Michael Douglas, Oscar Winner
Mirela Sula, Editor in Chief of Global Woman Magazine
Mirela Sula, Editor in Chief of Global Woman Magazine
Steve Wozniak-Stella Bida-1140x1140-min
Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-Founder
Stella Bida with Veronica Chew, Co Founder and Group General Manager at Success Resources
Veronica Chew, Co-Founder of Success Resources, Biggest Seminar Organiser

Get tangible Results

What you will get access to

Monthly membership

47$ / month
Save 999$
  • ► 8 coaching videos / month
  • ► 1 Live Master Mind / month
  • ► 2 inspirational webinars / month
  • ► 1 special guest interview / month
  • ► 2 month for free
  • ► 2 days event for free

Yearly membership

470$ / year
Save 9999$
  • ► 2 month for free
  • ► 2 days event for free
  • ► 8 coaching videos / month
  • ► 1 Live Master Mind / month
  • ► 2 inspirational webinars / month
  • ► 1 special guest interview / month

* Prices can go up at any time to 97$ / month and 970$ / year. Sign-up for the special offer now!

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